Due to increased interest of the E&P companies from Romania and the success that first Multi Purpose Pumping Unit (MPPU) had, Tacrom Services purchased a second unit from GOES GmbH, this time with a more compact design, with a fully automatic and controlled panel functions and a state of the art data acquisition able to report to the customer in real time.This is translated in a faster mobilization (within hours from the request), better control over all the functions and abilities of the equipment and also a customer that is able to see at any time what is happening on location.Multi Purpose Pumping Unit is a complex equipment able to perform acid jobs (pickle or acid squeeze) with any kind of systems (simple solutions, emulsified or gelled acid), dewaxing jobs, well cleanouts, brine blocks, gravel-packs etc.

It has very good mixing abilities with a centrifugal pump rated at max 4 m3/ min and a ropper pump rated to 800 l/min able to suck and mix from barrels or trucks any kind of liquid chemical. All the pluming, storage tanks and pumps are hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid resistant. It also has a 6m3 storage tanks for better mixing and circulating various fluids.For foam cleanouts, the data acquisition is able to record and display the nitrogen rate very accurate in order to calculate precisely the foam quality. The 3 500 000 BTU heating system is able to heat water or oil while pumping for dewaxing or any other job, on the well site. Also all road capabilities of the truck make any well site accessible, all year round.