Tacrom second blender purchased from GOES GmbH was required due the increased request from our customers for gravel-pack jobs. Also the equipment is able to cover fracturing, consolidation and any other job that require mixing slurries.The mixing and pumping capacities are covered by two centrifugal pumps with rates that can vary from 0.3 to 8m3/min, three VARIO pumps for liquid chemicals with very good control, two dry chemical augers and two proppant augers.It has five flow meters, two on the suction side and three on the discharge side that measure in parallel the pumped volumes. A four inch flow meter was mounted on a bypass that is able to record very exact flows under 600 l/min.All the chemicals and proppants can be pumped on fly in automatic mode with a preinput treatment schedule.

The equipment is fully single man operated, including all valves being controlled from a control panel mounted in a climate controlled cabin.The whole unit is powered by the 460hp truck engine, with state of the art hydraulics that ensure smooth running of every device of the blender.The Data Acquisition System is able to record and display up to 200 parameters in real time from different rates, temperatures and pressures.All road capabilities of the truck make any well site accessible, all year round.