In the last years, the increasing requirement for natural gas in all the countries, especially those without natural gas resources, led to new research to extract gas from unconventional resources. One of this is gas production from coal bed methane (CBM).

Commercial coal bed methane development is currently at the beginning in Turkey. Often the challenge to commercial development of this unconventional resource is to locate reservoir production spots and to economically optimize completion and stimulation design for coal gas extraction.
Most CBM wells require hydraulic fracturing to produce at commercial gas rates. It is important to understand that fracturing of coals is very different from fracturing conventional sandstone reservoirs. Coal is a material with very unique rock mechanical properties, and is inherently prone to complex and/or multiple fractures. For Tacrom Services, CBM fracturing was a very good opportunity to enter into a new market and gain experience in this area.

Tacrom Services made 6 (six) operations in Turkey.

Presence of methane demonstrated by ignition of the foam produced with water after fracturing operation.

All the jobs were pumped as designed and in the same time gave the opportunity to see the behavior of coal during frac and improve our treatment for candidate wells.

All in all, frac operations in Turkey were a success for Tacrom Services S.R.L.