TACROM’S APPROACH regarding Health, Safety and Environment

TACROM’s top management has defined its long term business success on its ability to promote and continuously improve the quality of our services and products by assuming the responsibility to prevent incidents/accidents and protect our employees & other people in all related health, safety and environment matters.

Our goal, simply stated, is “no one gets hurt and nothing gets harmed”. ‎

Therefore, TACROM management, supported by staff, is committed to playing an active role in implementing the following HSE principles:

  • To do our work in a manner that ensures the well-being of our employees, customers, subcontractors and other people involved
  • To provide visible and proactive leadership, commitment and culture to carry out and maintain the workplace health and safety of our employees and also of our customers and subcontractors
  • To assess, eliminate or reduce any hazard which can affect them or others
  • To prevent all incidents/accidents and eliminate non-conformities

To follow through on the commitments expressed in our policy we have developed an HSE Management System.
Our HSEQ Management System underlines the standards and safety system for work for our employees. The purpose of this Management System is to help our employees complete their daily tasks and return safely to their families.


Our goals

Our basic goal is “no one gets hurt and nothing gets harmed”. ‎
Specifically, our company is seeking to meet all customer and legal requirements and enhance continuous development by:

  • ensuring adequate resources and functional links
  • complying with all applicable laws and regulations by applying the latest standards and best applicable industrial practices
  • improving operations by ensuring performance objectives, assess the results, maintain a quality assurance system for all activities that includes a plan and control process
  • learning from failures by ensuring a thorough incident reporting and investigation system of all incidents
  • ensuring minimal environmental impact by preventing and reducing wastes and eliminating risks

It is important to us to manage HSE matters in the same manner as any other critical business activity.

HSE present and future strategy

  • Prevent incidents; Zero accidents
  • Zero discharge
  • Zero footprint


The continuous quality improvement of health, safety, and environment protection (HSE) is an integral part of our business.
We are all committed to achieve quality in our services and so we all have the responsibility to participate actively for a continuous, safe, environmentally responsible job performance.
To achieve this we are required to:

  • Understand both internal and external customer needs and expectations by developing robust quality systems to deliver customer satisfaction.
  • Define and communicate responsibility and accountability to employees given tasks that impact quality.
  • Identify, implement and maintain systems of control for quality critical activities to ensure effective and efficient work methods.
  • Work closely with our customers and suppliers to continually develop supply chains and partnerships that deliver mutual benefit.
  • Respond to Quality concerns raised by our own employees, customers, contractors, shareholders and the wider public to continually improve our performance.
  • Identify, measure, monitor and communicate Key Performance Indicators against Quality objectives and targets.In the end, by following these standards we can provide quality services and products to the benefit of all.