This specification covers a Wellhead Isolation Tool suitable for Gas/Oil Acid Fracturing operations. This Unit will be supplied loose suitable for storage/transportation by a suitable CUSTOMER supplied Truck Chassis or Trailer.

The equipment will be capable of operating in an ambient temperature range of 0 Deg C to
+55 Deg C. (32 Deg F to +131 Deg F). The proposed Unit will include the following main

A/ Hydraulic Power Unit
This is not included but can be supplied. The intention is the customer will supply hydraulic power with the crane truck that will deliver the unit the well site.

B/ Treesaver Assembly
This is a “Low Profile” design Unit (valve is only 14” (36 cm) above the wellhead), that utilizes two hydraulic cylinders (with integral bleed off valves) and is direct flange connected to the wellhead (CUSTOMER to advise required flange specifications). This Treesaver may be installed while wells are under pressures of up to 5,000 PSI (34.5 mPa).

C/ High Pressure Tube Assembly
The High Pressure Tube Assembly consists of:
– Mandrel (By-pass tube)
– Mandrel Extensions
– Pack-Off Nipple
– Bull Nose

Price: 295.000 $


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