Pilot Project

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Tacrom Services S.R.L., a subsidiary of KATT GmbH, performed 8 hydraulic fracturing jobs between October 23rd and November 5th 2011 in N-E of Romania on a low permeability/depleated formation using Ultra Light Weight Proppant (ULWP) with 1.06 g/cm3 S.G..
The jobs were part of a pilot project, evaluating the economics of fracturing in low permeability sandstone with low reservoir pressure. Treatments were designed to achieve partial monolayer, maximizing frac conductivity with very low ULWP concentration ( 0.01 lb/sq ft).
Despite the high price of the propping agent, the treatment costs were similar to a water based crosslinked polymer and regular sand due to the fact that the amount of ULWP used for a partial monolayer frac is 8 to 10 times less compared with the treatment mentioned above in order to achieve the same conductivity.

The benefits of this treatment is the same as any other frac treatment but with less damage to the reservoir, less chemicals pumped and a frac not restricted by the polymer residue.
An early estimation shows good production of the wells after operation with production gain between 2.2 and 3 times the initial production.