The Trading and Consulting division, historically direct associated with  K.A.T.T. GmbH, is the link between the companies and provides technical knowhow as well as equipment, parts and spare parts delivery to the subsidiaries and other customers.

GOES GmbH, the manufacturing plant located in Wesendorf, Germany responsible for oilfield equipment design and production is continuously controlling the quality and is built up to a standard not to a price.

TACROM Service S.R.L. an oilfield service company, located in Ploiesti, Romania specialized in Oilfield Stimulation (Hydraulic Fracturing , Coiled Tubing & Nitrogen and Gravel Pack operations) is searching for new technologies concerning chemicals, proppant and pump design to offer the customer new possibilities.

TACROM Drilling S.R.L., a drilling company, located in Ploiesti, Romania focused on fast operating drilling/workover and completion operations and is all the time connected to the manufacturing plant to find better equipment solutions for faster, safer and more effective operations.