• 10 years Tacrom Services

    Tacrom Services had the great pleasure of hosting a party to celebrate 10 successful years of operations in Romania. It gave us the chance to thank all our employees who helped Tacrom grow from a small startup company in 2006 to the well established service company we are today. Read More
  • Ten year Anniversary

    Tacrom is honored to be able to celebrate 10 years of successful operations in Romania and surrounding areas. Our first priority has always been our employees safety and we are proud to say we have had no serious injuries or accidents. We have proven that we can provide services and technologies equal or better then our rivals, and provided economical solutions for our customers. We have grown from a small service company offering only fracturing Read More
  • New Joint Venture

    Tacrom has concluded a Joint Venture Agreement with Crown Plus, Kazakhstan, and began operations under the company name KazGeoTech.  We are now offering coiled tubing services in Kazakhstan and area and will soon expand services to include oil and gas well stimulation. Read More
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01 Coiled Tubing

Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubing is designed to improve the well and reservoir performance and it is used for a wide range of oil field services including but not limited to drilling.

02 Acidizing


A treatment with a stimulation fluid containing a reactive acid, used primarily to remove drilling damage and increase permeability near the well-bore.

03 Gravel Pack operation

Gravel Pack operation

A treatment method used to prevent the production of formation sand into the well-bore. The objective is to stabilize the formation while causing minimal impairment to well …

04 Our Services


The Sales Platform is divided into three category groups: One represents our German sister company, CAT Construction, which manufactures and sells …

04 Hydraulic Fracturing & Frac Pack

Hydraulic Fracturing & Frac Pack

Hydraulic fracturing is a treatment performed on oil and gas wells, most commonly used on productive zones exhibiting low to moderate permeability. Special viscosified oil or water based fluids are pumped into the reservoir at high pressure and rate, causing fractures radiating out from the casing.

05 Nitrogen Pumping operation

Nitrogen Pumping operation

Nitrogen gas is routinely used in the oilfield industry, primarily to unload the well-bore of solids and fluids which otherwise restrict production, due to the hydrostatic effect of the well-bore material. Nitrogen gas is an integral part of well-bore cleaning with Coiled Tubing Units.