• Tacrom services Hydraulic fracturing in the Ukraine

    Tacrom Services frac fleet performing a fracturing job in the outskirts on Poltava Ukraine.  This modern frac fleet is capable of doing some of the most challenging jobs in the region that, combined with state of the art data acquisition and strong engineering support makes Tacrom Services one of the leading service companies in Ukraine. Tacrom supplies coiled tubing services for all proppant cleanouts, as well as other well remediation treatments.   Read More
  • Tacrom Services now operates four coiled tubing fleets in Ukraine.

    Aside from the coiled tubing units Tacrom also supplies fluid and nitrogen pumping services as well as transport and storage of materials required for oil and gas well stimulation. Read More
  • Tacrom Drilling close to adding another 600 HP Drilling and Workover Rig to it’s fleet.

    Ploiesti March 15th, 2016 Our Technical Department in Moreni is in the final phase to complete our newest addition to our rig fleet: Futura 6 is expected to be ready for release to the field by April 1st, 2017. Futura 6 is another rebuilt Cardwell KB 200C equipped with a 600 HP engine and a 112 ft mast with 130 metric ton hook load capacity. As all our previous Cardwell’s, Futura 6 has been rebuilt Read More
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01 Coiled Tubing

Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubing is designed to improve the well and reservoir performance and it is used for a wide range of oil field services including but not limited to drilling.

02 Acidizing


A treatment with a stimulation fluid containing a reactive acid, used primarily to remove drilling damage and increase permeability near the well-bore.

03 Gravel Pack operation

Gravel Pack operation

A treatment method used to prevent the production of formation sand into the well-bore. The objective is to stabilize the formation while causing minimal impairment to well …

04 Our Services


The Sales Platform is divided into three category groups: One represents our German sister company, CAT Construction, which manufactures and sells …

04 Hydraulic Fracturing & Frac Pack

Hydraulic Fracturing & Frac Pack

Hydraulic fracturing is a treatment performed on oil and gas wells, most commonly used on productive zones exhibiting low to moderate permeability. Special viscosified oil or water based fluids are pumped into the reservoir at high pressure and rate, causing fractures radiating out from the casing.

05 Nitrogen Pumping operation

Nitrogen Pumping operation

Nitrogen gas is routinely used in the oilfield industry, primarily to unload the well-bore of solids and fluids which otherwise restrict production, due to the hydrostatic effect of the well-bore material. Nitrogen gas is an integral part of well-bore cleaning with Coiled Tubing Units.